Traffic Management Procedures

  1. Please DO NOT PARK OR LEAVE YOUR CAR UNATTENDED whilst in the Kiss n Ride areas. If you need to go to the school, please use the car park. No parking on the footpath, this is monitored by the City of Joondalup Rangers.
  2. Please DO NOT PARK IN THE ALLOCATED DISABLED CAR BAYS unless you have an ACROD permit. These bays are monitored by the City of Joondalup Rangers.
  3. NO RIGHT TURN into or out of the school on Prendiville Avenue. This allows for safe movement around the school and continues traffic flow..
  4. At the 3.00 pm pick-up, please ensure that you are not jumping the queue by turning right in front of parents who have been sitting in the queue, sometimes for quite a while. Use the traffic circle and join the end of the queue.
  5. Please do not form a second queue at Senior or Junior Kiss n Ride. This causes traffic congestion at an already dangerous point with cars traveling back and forth and parents crossing the road amongst all the traffic. If required, do a loop around the block and re-join the back of the line.
  6. Once in the pick-up area, please move as far forward as possible into the next available bay, and always try to consider the parent behind you. Parents should not get out of their cars at any time.
  7. Staff supervises the Kiss n Ride areas as part of our duty of care – Instances of ‘car park rage’ or abuse directed to our staff will be reported and followed up with the School’s Leadership Team. 
  8. Follow the CITY OF JOONDALUP FAQ regarding parking and movement around Prendiville College and St Simon Peter Catholic Primary School We thank you for your cooperation in using this procedure correctly and always ensuring the safety of children.

The following are new Procedures from the commencement of the 2024 school year.

  1. The car park between the church and the school will remain closed for the movement of traffic between 3:00pm and 3:15pm each afternoon to allow the smooth and safe movement of traffic through the junior pick-up line. Parents and visitors are still able to park in this area but will be unable to enter or exit this space between the 15 minute window at the end of the school day.
  2. The lane leading down to the child care from Gate 1 will no longer be open except for the movement of school vehicles. This has been undertaken due to safety concerns where both vehicles and pedestrians were using the same access. Gate One will remain partially open for pedestrian access only.

FAQ Prendiville Avenue - Parking and Traffic Movement

Also below is a helpful video to show you what the above looks like.