St Simon Peter offers a comprehensive and diverse program of Indonesian language to all children from Pre-Primary through to Year Six. Included in the program is one lesson of class Indonesian per week as well as opportunities to participate in our Indonesian language competition in Semester Two.

Across all year groups, the children use their voices, bodies, and classroom resources to provide them with learning to communicate as a rich and challenging experience of engaging with and participating in the linguistic and cultural diversity of our interconnected world.

Typically, children enter the early years with little to no prior experience of the Indonesian language and culture. The focus here is on developing interaction and exchanging greetings and simple information through action-related talk, structured play, movement, and singing songs in Indonesian which is truly fun and engaging.

Each year, students focus on extending their oral communication skills and extend their literacy repertoires and cultural understanding according to their year level. At St Simon Peter, we are very fortunate to have a Sister School in Indonesia who would enhance and develop an understanding of how culture shapes worldviews and respect for diversity.

We are looking forward to strengthening our relationship this year.

Salam Hangat
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