Health Services

St Simon Peter School has a new Allied Health Therapy Service available. Located at the school’s Early Learning Centre, students will have access to physiotherapy, speech and occupational therapy services which will be delivered by three experienced health professionals.

Health Services
Health Services
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The health service professionals operating from the centre include:

Occupational Therapist

Speech Pathologist

Susanne Humphrey is a Speech Pathologist with over 20 years experience working with children's speech, language and literacy difficulties. She has worked directly in classrooms, in her own private clinic, in hospitals and community centres and managed government speech pathology services. Susanne has been involved with Saint Simon Peter Catholic Primary School since 2009 implementing the Kindy Speech and Language Screen and has worked in her own private clinic since 1996. Her model of service aims to develop a good relationship with teachers and parents to allow all parties to work together for a successful outcome. As the parent to two teenage children, she understands the importance of practical and realistic therapy goals for families. From personal experience, Susanne appreciates that many an activity can be performed in the car!

Susanne is able to assist with:

  • Speech clarity and pronunciation
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Language understanding (i.e. questions, instructions and concepts)
  • Auditory processing difficulties
  • Stuttering
  • Speech and language difficulties that affect word reading, reading comprehension, spelling and writing
  • Sound awareness and early pre-literacy reading skill
  • Susanne is available by appointment Mondays and Wednesdays

For more information please contact Susanne on 0416 158 231 or 

Please click on the link below to view Susanne Humphrey's PowerPoint presentation regarding Speech Pathology:

Demystifying Speech Pathology


Kate Williams is a physiotherapist with almost 20 years experience working with both early intervention and school aged children. She has worked for The Centre for Cerebral Palsy, Disability Services Commission, Scope Victoria and Princess Margaret Hospital in both clinical and managerial roles. More recently she has worked in two different private paediatric practices in Perth. She has worked closely with both teachers and parents to achieve realistic goals for each child.

Kate is able to offer a service that will include:

  • Treating children with developmental delays in reaching early milestones (such as sitting, standing and walking) and later milestones (such as hopping and climbing)
  • Motor coordination difficulties
  • Problems with motor planning
  • Orthopaedic injuries
  • Postural concerns including the foot and leg
  • Cerebral palsy (including pre and post - botox and post - orthopaedic surgery treatment)
  • Torticollis
  • Obesity management and
  • General fitness and strengthening

For more information please contact Kate on 0401 840 768 or 

Please find below the latest information from our Physiotherapist:

Paediatric Toe Walking

Specialist Literacy Teacher

Anna HancockAs a Specialist Literacy Teacher, Anna Hancock aims to provide students struggling to develop appropriate reading, spelling and writing skills with effective, high-quality support.

This is achieved through:

  • Initial assessment to identify areas of need
  • Access to high-quality evidence-based programs with 60 minute tutoring sessions held weekly for each student
  • Ongoing monitoring and targeted assessment
  • Weekly updates on progress and end-of-semester reports provided to parents and class teacher

Students who will gain the most benefit from Anna's tuition are those currently falling behind in their literacy development, specifically those who are likely to:

  • Struggle to read accurately and fluently
  • Struggle with reading comprehension
  • Make frequent spelling errors, particularly in written expression
  • Display a reluctance to participate in literacy-based activities
  • Compensate when reading, by guessing from pictures, initial letters or the ‘look’ of a word
  • Have difficulty remembering the relationships between sounds and letters
  • Have difficulty writing a sentence, paragraph and essay
  • Have poor self-esteem, particularly in relation to literacy activities
  • Rarely read for pleasure

If you would like more information, please contact Anna Hancock on 0432 070 015 or email 

Please find below information from our Specialist Literacy Teacher:

Explicit Tutoring Overview

Springboard Counselling Services

Laura Pope
AMHSW registered Mental Health Social Worker
Bsc Occupational Therapy


As an experienced Clinical Social Worker/counsellor with a background in Occupational therapy, Laura has over 20 years experience working in a professional capacity with children and adults in various mental health, disability and education settings.

Laura works primarily with children and families adopting an eclectic approach to counselling, in order to meet specific needs and address areas of difficulty.

Laura enjoys working with young people of all ages and stages of development, supporting them develop and maintain the necessary skills to aid recovery, functioning and independence. She remains passionate and committed to service provision that is holistic, empowering and person-centred in the journey to nurturing a happier and healthier mind.

She is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker and a member of the Australian Association of Social Workers. Laura also works for Curtin University providing support and supervision for Social Work students during the fieldwork component of their studies.

Laura’s expertise and interest areas include:

  • Child anxiety – Laura is an accredited provider of the ‘Cool Kids Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Anxiety Management Program’
  • Anger management
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Parenting and family work - Laura is an accredited provider of Standard Triple P Positive Parenting Program.
  • Grief and Loss Counselling
  • Children’s groupwork (Social skills, Anxiety management)
  • Supervision to other Social Work practitioners/Social Work students

Laura is a registered Medicare Provider.  If you wish to claim Medicare rebate, you will require a Mental Health Care plan and referral from a GP.

Rooms are located in Ocean Reef and West Leederville. 

Please find below a flyer for Springboard.

For further information, or to make an appointment please email

Springboard Information

Allied Health Coordinator

Toni Carrigan is an allied health assistant who has worked at SSP for 6 years. Within SSP she started with the Year 1/2 literacy support program as well as working within the Catherine Centre with Special Needs children and children with learning difficulties. She has over 10 years' experience working with children within the Catholic and Government organisations. For the last 18 months here, at SSP, she has been involved in an OT and Speech withdrawal program, set up in collaboration with the teachers and therapists involved. This is a short, intense, withdrawal group, which has worked extremely well as the children are given the opportunity for intensive practise in the skill areas they need to develop, for example cutting with scissors.

For more information please contact Toni on 9301 6685 or 

The Allied Health Service is available both during term time and school holidays, so appointments can be made to suit busy families.

Please contact us directly with any questions about the service and what areas we can offer support with.