St Simon Peter Catholic Primary School is one of over 50 Catholic schools in WA that employs a qualified social worker.

Mary Lynch
Mary Lynch
SSP Social Worker

The School Social Worker offer social work support to students and, when needed, their families. I focus mainly on issues that affect children’s wellbeing that in turn impact their ability to engage in class, and ultimately enjoy school. These issues tend to arise from a social or emotional context but can present in other ways. My interventions with children are usually through one-to-one sessions or small groupwork, I use a lot of play-based and narrative therapies. Your children will be supported in a fun and safe environment to work through their challenges. 

Assistance can be provided with issues such as: grief and loss, separation and divorce, family conflict, peer and friendship concerns, anxiety and fears, school refusal, big emotions, self-esteem, confidence building and resilience building.

I am also excited to create workshops for parents to attend. I would love any feedback regarding parental needs or challenges you are facing which would give me a collective focus e.g. sibling issues, resilience building, responding to bullying, managing social media etc.

Parents are welcome to contact me to chat about concerns or to gain some advice, I am currently located in the Junior Preprimary area, there is a sign out the front of my door. I will be working Monday – Friday. Please come say hello and have a chat. I am very much looking forward to working alongside our St Simon Peter families.

Please reach out via