As a learning organisation, St Simon Peter recognises the changing needs of students; our moral imperative is to respond to the uncapped potential of 21st century learners.

Our motivation is to ignite learning in others, to kindle curiosity and creativity and to light up the potential of the human mind. In line with the school’s Strategic Plan, St Simon Peter Catholic Primary School will provide challenges and opportunities for the growth of the whole person.

We aim to foster critical thinking, collaboration, culture, connectivity, communication and creativity using new pedagogies. The core components of these new pedagogies are developing new learning partnerships, engaging in deep learning tasks and the use of digital tools and resources.

Our 1:1 Device Program began in 2018 with the Year 4 cohort and has now flowed through the years to now see all students in Years 3-6 participating in our 1:1 program.



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AU Government Support
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How to help your child deal with online safety issues
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