School Improvement Plan

The school improvement plan has originated from the director of CEO Tim McDonald using the LEAD Acronym. As a staff we developed SMART goals for each area of the Acronym LEAD. SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timed.

All staff have worked together to establish these goals in 2017.



By the end of 2017:


80% of the 3 Year Old Kindy children will recognise the first three Peggy Lego pre-writing movement patterns.


60% of students will be able to draw and say the rhyme for the five basic Peggy Lego pre-writing patterns.

Pre Primary

70% of students will achieve Key Links Level 1 beginning foundation writing goals.

Year 1

75% or more of students will achieve their chronological spelling age or above.

Year 2

90% of students will demonstrate a positive improvement in their spelling age from Test A to Test B using the SA spelling test format.

Year 3

All students will improve their raw score in the PAT-R Comprehension Test 3, by the end of Term 3 in 2017.

Year 4

90% of students will have a positive effect size (improvement in raw score) for comprehension in PAT-R Comprehension.

Year 5

All Year 5 students will have a positive effect size (improvement in raw score) for comprehension in PAT-R Comprehension.

Year 6

Give students at least two opportunities per week for peer to peer tutoring.

Catherine Centre

To support and assist all classroom teachers in differentiating the learning area of Science using the ABLEWA curriculum.

Physical Education (PE)

To reduce the number of D grades given at the end of Semester One in Year 1 PE to below 25% of the year group.


Year 4 - 78% will achieve the target set for quizzes to pass in their level.

Year 5 – 60% will achieve their predicted end of year target (set by Literacy Pro).


By the end of the year 80% of students in Years 3, 4 and 5 will achieve a B or above in recorder work by passing at least two out of three Black Belt Recorder reviews.


To measure and investigate if students increase or maintain their gain from the completion of the Learning Literacy Intervention (LLI) program to the end of the school year.



By the end of 2017 SSP will be a “Nude Your Food” School.



By the end of 2017 SSP will develop and work towards implementing a Positive Learning Framework.




Each year level will commit to a service learning project throughout the year.


To set a personal SMART Goal in 2017 for promoting health and wellbeing.