1:1 Workshops

Ticket Bookings

What’s involved in the 1:1 workshops:

  • Signing the user agreement forms
  • Connecting to ZuluDesk
  • Introduction to ZuluDesk Parent, how to use it and how to manage your iPad effectively**

**What's not involved in the condensed workshop?

  • Introduction to ZuluDesk Parent, how to use it and how to manage your iPad effectively
    • Unfortunately there is not enough time to explain ZuluDesk Parent in this workshop. Please make a time with Ashlee Dale to discuss this part of the program if it is of interest to you.

What to bring to the workshop:

  • Your child
  • The iPad, keyboard & pencil (if purchased)

Portal Purchases

  • Your iPad will automatically be setup in ZuluDesk. You don't need to do anything else. The staff member who assists you will confirm the iPad is attached to your child, yourselves & their class during the 'Connecting to ZuluDesk' part of the workshop

BYOD Families

  • If you did not purchse your iPad from the portal, please be aware that on arrival the iPad will be wiped clean (factory reset) in order to join it to ZuluDesk
  • Please do not have a passcode or Apple ID signed into the iPad before your chosen workshop
  • BYOD iPads not purchased from our portal will be checked for compatibility with our minimum requirements:
    • The iPad is 5th generation, iPad Air or iPad Air 2 to ensure NAPLAN and iOS compatibility
    • The iPad has at least 32GB storage capacity
    • The iPad has a suitable protective case and a compatible keyboard
    • Your personal contents insurance covers the iPad at school, in case of damage or breakag
  • iPads should be updated with the latest version of iOS prior to attending the Worksho
  • A device you can access your personal emails on. The email address you have registered with SSP will be used as your ZuluDesk Parent account. These will be uploaded into ZuluDesk prior to your workshop. If you are unable to bring a device to access your emails, bring your email password so that we can access your them from another device.